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Ontario Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren in Christ family history.


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Locust Hill, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Frederick Thomas  27 Jul 1917Locust Hill, Ontario I244861
2 Forster, Aleta Viola  8 Aug 1907Locust Hill, Ontario I135022
3 Forster, Erma Irene  29 Apr 1910Locust Hill, Ontario I135031
4 Gould, Helen Areminta  3 Apr 1914Locust Hill, Ontario I191245
5 Gould, Margaret Elizabeth  14 Jan 1908Locust Hill, Ontario I191233
6 Gould, Margaret Joan   I191192
7 Gould, Ruth   I191215
8 Gould, Walter  16 Mar 1905Locust Hill, Ontario I191190
9 Graham, Murray David   I135069
10 Hoover, Jeanne Esther   I135101
11 Hoover, Norma Elda  24 Oct 1904Locust Hill, Ontario I135067
12 Hoover, Owen Maurice Martin  29 Oct 1909Locust Hill, Ontario I135093
13 Jarvis, Edith Naomi  21 Apr 1906Locust Hill, Ontario I217834
14 Jarvis, Harold Leslie  26 Nov 1909Locust Hill, Ontario I217835
15 McDowell, Edwin  29 Nov 1881Locust Hill, Ontario I16317
16 Pike, Annetta  1 Oct 1866Locust Hill, Ontario I191385
17 Pike, John Lawrence  9 May 1917Locust Hill, Ontario I191475
18 Reesor, Alberta "Irene"  16 Jul 1895Locust Hill, Ontario I106198
19 Reesor, Eldred "Maude"  13 Jun 1900Locust Hill, Ontario I106199
20 Reesor, George Oliver  29 Jul 1880Locust Hill, Ontario I191477
21 Reesor, Lloyd Christian  24 Jul 1911Locust Hill, Ontario I191387
22 Reesor, Peter Christian   I191389
23 Shadlock, Glen Ray   I218115
24 Shadlock, Hazel Marie   I218114
25 Shadlock, Howard Daniel  22 Dec 1926Locust Hill, Ontario I218113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Pike, Martha  28 Aug 1952Locust Hill, Ontario I135065
2 Reesor, Eldred "Maude"  6 Sep 1960Locust Hill, Ontario I106199


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clarry, Henry J.  Locust Hill, Ontario I191386
2 Cowie, William J.  Locust Hill, Ontario I135018
3 Forster, Erma Irene  Locust Hill, Ontario I135031
4 Graham, William John  Locust Hill, Ontario I135081
5 Hawkins, Mary Catherine  Locust Hill, Ontario I135002
6 Hawkins, Thomas Lanfear  Locust Hill, Ontario I135001
7 Hoover, Alpheus  Locust Hill, Ontario I137279
8 Hoover, Hazel  Locust Hill, Ontario I172139
9 Hoover, Norma Elda  Locust Hill, Ontario I135067
10 Hoover, Samuel White  Locust Hill, Ontario I135066
11 Hoover, Walter  Locust Hill, Ontario I172135
12 Hyland, Isabel  Locust Hill, Ontario I134997
13 Hyland, Nellie Aileen  Locust Hill, Ontario I134996
14 Kirby, Henrietta  Locust Hill, Ontario I172136
15 Maxwell, Jane Isabella  Locust Hill, Ontario I191396
16 Pike, Gordon John  Locust Hill, Ontario I191479
17 Pike, John Lawrence  Locust Hill, Ontario I191475
18 Pike, Stella  Locust Hill, Ontario I191423
19 Reesor, Edward Edmond Blake  Locust Hill, Ontario I191063
20 Reesor, Ida  Locust Hill, Ontario I134994
21 Reesor, Jessie Viola  Locust Hill, Ontario I135017
22 Reesor, Lloyd Christian  Locust Hill, Ontario I191387
23 Wannop, Katherine Christine  Locust Hill, Ontario I191485
24 Wright, Dorothy  Locust Hill, Ontario I135070


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Maciver / Reesor   F60111