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Ontario Mennonite, Amish, and Brethren in Christ family history.


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Markham, York Co., Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Catherine  2 Aug 1854Markham, York Co., Ontario I185818
2 Burkholder, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1854Markham, York Co., Ontario I50380
3 Burkholder, Frances  17 Aug 1827Markham, York Co., Ontario I172707
4 Byer, Benjamin Asa  4 Oct 1890Markham, York Co., Ontario I54845
5 Doner, Peter Henry  19 Nov 1848Markham, York Co., Ontario I208150
6 Hilts, Richard Cecil  11 Jan 1904Markham, York Co., Ontario I114415
7 Hoover, Esther  3 Jul 1838Markham, York Co., Ontario I105976
8 Hoover, Samuel B.  4 Jun 1840Markham, York Co., Ontario I106320
9 Hoover, Sarah  9 Mar 1913Markham, York Co., Ontario I106021
10 Leaper, Joseph  May 1863Markham, York Co., Ontario I258050
11 Ramer, Clarence W.  13 Mar 1900Markham, York Co., Ontario I172435
12 Raymer, Susan  4 Apr 1854Markham, York Co., Ontario I106158
13 Reesor, Alvin Pike  15 Jul 1880Markham, York Co., Ontario I132950
14 Reesor, Esther  7 Jan 1828Markham, York Co., Ontario I98029
15 Reesor, Marion Pauline  28 Sep 1925Markham, York Co., Ontario I66983
16 Reesor, Peter  5 Aug 1829Markham, York Co., Ontario I97870
17 Sherk, Mary Ann  12 Mar 1857Markham, York Co., Ontario I88186
18 Sherk, Ralph  28 Sep 1887Markham, York Co., Ontario I172705
19 Torrance, Helen Margaret  2 Nov 1899Markham, York Co., Ontario I171507


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barkey, David Strickler  6 May 1905Markham, York Co., Ontario I199266
2 Barkey, Donald Keith  21 Nov 2020Markham, York Co., Ontario I258097
3 Brechbill, Anna  1837Markham, York Co., Ontario I107547
4 Brillinger, Catherine  10 Dec 1900Markham, York Co., Ontario I208153
5 Caesar, John Alexander  9 Apr 1948Markham, York Co., Ontario I256853
6 Clendenen, William  22 Mar 1855Markham, York Co., Ontario I171770
7 Corson, Henry Ryan  13 Feb 1909Markham, York Co., Ontario I106211
8 Doner, Bishop John  25 May 1847Markham, York Co., Ontario I107546
9 Grove, Thomas D.  13 Feb 1996Markham, York Co., Ontario I106020
10 Hoover, Esther  7 Jul 1868Markham, York Co., Ontario I105976
11 Hoover, Maria Stauffer  22 Nov 1831Markham, York Co., Ontario I105989
12 Hoover, Samuel B.  11 Oct 1917Markham, York Co., Ontario I106320
13 Hoover, Sarah  7 Jun 1996Markham, York Co., Ontario I106021
14 Johnson, Matilda  31 Mar 1924Markham, York Co., Ontario I199267
15 Lehman, Mary Francis  5 Feb 2007Markham, York Co., Ontario I172695
16 Moyer, Magdalena  5 Nov 1903Markham, York Co., Ontario I89205
17 Raymer, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1875Markham, York Co., Ontario I97894
18 Reesor, Barbara  3 Jun 1897Markham, York Co., Ontario I97903
19 Reesor, Esther  13 Mar 1909Markham, York Co., Ontario I98029
20 Reiff, Esther  22 Feb 1844Markham, York Co., Ontario I88213
21 Sherk, Casper ...[Eby 5656] (Code H44)  7 Jan 1840Markham, York Co., Ontario I88212
22 Sherrick, Daniel  1924Markham, York Co., Ontario I100619
23 Strickler, Catherine  30 Sep 1895Markham, York Co., Ontario I168758
24 Weber, Rev. Moses ...[Eby 7689]  13 Aug 1920Markham, York Co., Ontario I59082


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hilts / Heise  12 Oct 1824Markham, York Co., Ontario F35765
2 Hilts / Hilts  8 Oct 1833Markham, York Co., Ontario F35764
3 Ramer / Stover  24 May 1898Markham, York Co., Ontario F55697
4 Reesor / Raymer  8 Feb 1870Markham, York Co., Ontario F32863
5 Reesor / Wideman  7 Feb 1900Markham, York Co., Ontario F32834
6 Stover / Webb  26 Jan 1876Markham, York Co., Ontario F55728